best value for money

buy nowat Amazon

best value for money

buy nowat Amazon

Always ready for you

Poin2 Chromebook powered by quad core processor delivers outstanding performance and starts in seconds making it the perfect companion to enhance your productivity and entertainment experience.

Peace of mind

Never worry about virus and update. With built-in virus protection and free auto OS update, Poin2 chromebook brings you peace of mind.

Stylish & Elegant design
fits for everyone.

Premium brushed real metal palmrest

Durable canvas textured chassis

Easy to carry

Poin2 Chromebook weighs only 2.53lbs.
You can carry it anywhere you go. Battery lasts up to 8.5hrs.
You can stay online all day long without charging.
It is your best companion.

High speed wireless connection

Poin2 Chromebook provides high speed connection. 802.11ac WLAN connection offers 3x faster speed than the previous generation. You can enjoy higher speed, more coverage. Plus the convenience of Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity.

Right Side View

Left Side View