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Skip waiting. Forget the set-up. Leave manuals behind. Go online creating, sharing and enjoying. Because everything is faster and easier on a Chromebook.


Getting started

  • 1.Start up your Chromebook.
    Insert power cord for the first time use of your Chromebook. To turn on the device, simply open the lid or press the power button.
  • 2.Select a network.
    Nearby networks will be displayed automatically. Simply choose network name you would like to connect.
  • 3.Sign in with your Google Account.
    Enter your Google Account username and password and click "Sign in" If you don't have a Google Account, click Create a Google Account on the right side of the sign-in box or browse as Guest.
  • 4.Start Browsing.
    Once you sign in, you are instantly on the web and automatically signed in to the Google services you use. To get started, type a website or a search query into the address bar.
  • 5.Chrome Web Store.
    Thousands of free games, entertainment, and productivity apps. chrome.google.com/webstore
  • 6.Log out/Power off.
    Open the notification panel located on the bottom right. Click "Log out" to end your current session, or click Power Symbol "" to shut down the device.
  • 7.Get to know your Chromebook.
    For more information on how to master the Chromebook essentials, please visit the online getting started guide.:

Download Quick Start Guide


  • 1.My Chromebook does not seem to work out of the box. What do I need to do?
    Poin2 Chromebook is shipped under "ship mode" which means it will not power on until a power cord is connected. Once power cord is inserted, the system will power on automatically.
  • 2.My Chromebook shows "Chrome OS is missing or damaged" screen upon boot. What do I need to do?
    Your Chromebook needs a full OS recovery. Chrome OS recovery process in detail can be found here: support.google.com/chromebook/answer/1080595
  • 3.Does it have an SD Card reader?
    Poin2 Chromebook comes with a microSD card reader, which is tested for read/write with up to 128GB of SDXC card.
  • 4.How do I enter developer mode?
    Enter recovery mode by pressing ESC + F3 (refresh) + Power button, and then press Ctrl + D, and enter. You will see the progress bar for entering developer mode and your Chromebook will be ready in 5 minutes.
  • 5.How do I reset (refresh) my Chromebook?
    Upon Login screen, press Ctrl + Alt + Shift + R and you will be prompted if you'd like to refresh your device. Your device will reboot once and start the refresh process.
  • 6.Is there a way to easily force reboot my Chromebook?
    Keyboard shortcut for force reboot is F3 (Refresh) + Power button.
  • 7.How do I view keyboard shortcuts on screen?
    Pressing Ctrl + Alt + / will toggle on-screen shortcut guide. You can find key combinations by pressing Ctrl, Alt, and Shift individually or simultaneously.
  • 8.Where can I claim free Google offers?
    Google Goodies can be claimed here: www.chromebook.com/goodies. Offers may vary based on purchase date and location.